Han TV was founded by Dream Builders Group Ltd. (DBG) in 2002 with a mission to integrate and celebrate cultures in Canada through production of unique stories and shows that cover topics on cultures, arts, festivals, lifestyles and local sports.

In January of 2014, DBG launched HanTVchannel on YouTube, the only web television production that celebrates the richness of Albertan and Canadian cultures and lifestyles to exhibit what makes Canada the most vibrant, diverse and unified country in the world.

Han TV believes that every event, show and game, big or small, contributes to the making of a vibrant city, province and country. We strive to cover as many stories and varieties to show you a mosaic of Canadian culture and lifestyle.

Meet Paul

Owner, HAN TV

Paul has extensive experience in research, marketing, community engagement, projects initiation, organization development and operational management. Paul's childhood dream came true 13 years ago. He became a DJ and news producer and announcer at a radio broadcasting company in 2001. Then he moved on to television program production in 2008. His passion in media production laid the path to the launch of HanTVchannel on YouTube in 2014 to illustrate and promote the mosaic of Alberta culture and lifestyle through web video platform to not only Canadians but also people around the world.

"HAN TV specializes in capturing moments that celebrate Alberta’s unique culture and lifestyle."

— Paul Cheung, Owner HAN TV